I remember when the showed cartoons before every movie!

The Matrix gets animated
Hunger for the continuing saga of The Matrix is growing as June 3 and the release of The Matrix Reloaded draws nears.
To whet appetites of fans, producer Joel Silver is releasing the 11-minute animated The Matrix, Final Flight of the Osiris with the release of Dreamcatcher tomorrow.
“(It’s) not a trailer for The Matrix Reloaded. It is its own film. It is what we like to call chapter 1.5 in The Matrix trilogy,” says Silver.
Final Flight of the Osiris is one of nine original short films that were conceived by Larry and Andy Wachowski, creators of The Matrix trilogy.
Silver recalls when he and the Wachowskis went to Japan in 1999 to promote The Matrix, the filmmakers “were already huge fans of the Japanese anime style of animation but seeing more of it, were determined to employ it in some way for their Matrix films.”
When Silver and the Wachowskis saw what director Andy Jones had accomplished on the animated feature Final Fantasy, they asked him to direct Final Flight of the Osiris. The other eight directors are from Asia.
“We wanted to push what we’d accomplished in Final Fantasy to a new level,” says Jones.
Two animated films are available on the Internet and The Animatrix, as the complete series is known, will be available June 3 on video/ DVD.