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Mayer: ‘Idol’ Doesn’t Live Up to Title
NEW YORK – Recent Grammy winner John Mayer admits he likes “American Idol,” but he thinks the show doesn’t live up to its title.
“I believe the reason why you can’t ever find a true American idol on that show is because a true American idol would have too much respect to ever do that show,” the singer told The Associated Press in a recent interview.
“And that’s not knocking the show ó I think it’s hilarious and great ó but you are not searching all of America. You are searching all of America without the integrity enough to say, ‘That’s not the way I want to make it.'”
Mayer’s debut album, “Room for Squares,” has sold more than 2 million copies, much of that based on word of mouth for the singer-songwriter, who doesn’t conform to today’s pop norms.
The 25-year-old says true artists wouldn’t even bother to audition for a show like “American Idol” ó and he’s one of them.
“I would rather live to be 80 and (have) sold zero records rather than be standing the way someone told me to stand,” he said.