I liked “Nemesis”, but I know I am in a very small group

The actor who played Capt. James T. Kirk on the original series says it “needs something new.
“The people responsible for it have lost its way, and they need to find it again.
“They need a whole new group of talent to give everyone a fresh approach.
“By doing too many things, they have lost its way because of greed,” said Shatner
“Star Trek” has sired five weekly TV series (the original, “Next Generation,” “Voyager,” “Deep Space Nine,” “Enterprise”), a Saturday morning cartoon and 10 big-screen adaptations.
The luster of “Trek” has dimmed because of these spinoffs, he said.
“Star Trek: Nemesis,” the most recent theatrical release, bombed at the box office. “Enterprise,” a UPN spin-off with Scott Bakula, is struggling in the ratings after two seasons.
What needs to be done? “For those of us who were on the early shows and didn’t really get to share in that, I have mixed emotions about it,” says Shatner.
His lack of interest in “Star Trek” isn’t recent. Shatner didn’t see much of the 1990s hit series “The Next Generation.” He doesn’t care to view “Enterprise,” and he skipped “Nemesis.”
“Curious, isn’t it?” he said, “but I have never had a desire to see it, and you’d think I would.”
Shatner and several members of the original cast reunite for “The TV Land Awards,” airing tonight on TV Land, where “Star Trek” garners the Pop Culture Award, “presented to a show, which has crossed the line from a television series to pop culture phenomenon.”
Shatner finds that particular award amusing.
“Here I am winning a Pop Culture award, and I am disconnected with pop culture,” he said.
“Whenever I get on these shows when they ask about pop culture, I never know what to say.”