I have the one Matrix DVD I am ever going to buy!

Warner Bros. Halts ‘Matrix’ Special Edition DVD
HOLLYWOOD ( – Fans anticipating the release of “The Matrix Special Edition” double-disc DVD are out of luck.
Warner Home Video has decided not to release the DVD due to a shift in strategy in how to market the film’s upcoming sequel, “The Matrix Reloaded.”
In order to broaden the sci fi film’s fan base before “The Matrix Reloaded’s” May 15 release date, Warner will instead reduce the price of “The Matrix” standard DVD to $19.99 starting April 29, which will include a mail-in ticket offer for the sequel.
In order to receive the mail-in ticket, the rebate must be sent in by June 6, 2003.
In addition, Warner will package the standard DVD with the two-hour behind-the-scenes documentary, “The Matrix Revisted,” for a new low price of $34.99, which will also include the ticket offer.
It is uncertain whether Warner Bros. is delaying the double-disk special edition, or putting a halt to the project altogether.
Winner of four Academy Awards√Ü, “The Matrix” has sold more than 15 million DVDs worldwide since its release. The film was also the first DVD to break the 1 million unit sales mark and has ranked as one of the top 100 selling DVDs since its initial release.