We like it too, Jerry!

” The Nutty Professor” is Jerry’s fave
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Jerry Lewis says he wants to be remembered for the 1963 film “The Nutty Professor,” which he considers the crowning achievement of his show business career.
“You know, every director in the history of cinema prays for the one work,” said the 76-year-old Lewis in an interview published in The Kansas City Star. “And if you get the one work, you can sit with your grandchildren and tell them you did something substantial. And I’ve had mine –‘The Nutty Professor.’ That’s the one.”
Lewis directed and starred in the movie, which he says was a critical and box-office success. “I mean, I did almost $31 million when tickets were a quarter,” he said.
He was executive producer of a 1996 remake of the film starring Eddie Murphy.
Lewis, who co-starred with Dean Martin in more than a dozen comedy classics in the 1950s, has been suffering from chronic back pain resulting from his many pratfalls and pulmonary fibrosis, a lung problem diagnosed several years ago.