Today is one of the few times, the very few times, I wish I lived in America. Not WAS an American, mind you as I love Canada and know that it is the greatest country in the world, but simply lived in America.

The Long Wait Pays Off (For Some)
Since the debut of the DVD format in the late nineties there have been several films that I have wanted to own on the new format. Many of them have been issued on DVD (Strange Brew, Citizen Kane, The River’s Edge), while others (sadly) have not (Star Wars, Quick Change, Indiana Jones).
Three other films that I have been waiting for the DVD bow of will finally see the light of day today…, but only in America.
I refer to the late Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski’s wondrous trilogy on liberty, equality, and fraternity: BLUE, WHITE and RED.
American cinema fans will get to own, watch and enjoy these films today, while we Canadians will have to wait until March 18th.
Why, you ask? Well in Canada we have a “U” in the word Colours. So the Canadian studio – who will go unnamed here for the moment- who will eventually release the films must change the U.S. packaging to reflect the Canuck spelling of the word, and to ensure that their logo is highly visable.
Now with that I have no legitimate beef. It is their property so let them do what they want with it. But why couldn’t they have gotten everything done weeks ago, in order to have the films released all across North America, and especially in Canada, at the same time?!?
That is a rhetorical question to which their is no answer. And even if there was an answer it would be moot because this has happened before, and I assure you it will happen again.
Special Editions of MEMENTO, JACKIE BROWN and PULP FICTION were all delayed in Canada because this same studio was unable to respect the people who buy their products and get their act together in time to release them simultaneously with the U.S.
Instead they delay them, knowing full well that there is nothing you nor I can do.
So today, it has come to this. Today I am forced, due to my love of great films, to state that I wish I lived in America.
Thank you Alliance Atlantis Home Video! Here’s looking forward to the next title you delay.