Mmmmmmm…Geri Spice!

Spice Girl Spokeswoman Denies Reunion
LONDON – Could a reunion be far behind? A spokeswoman for Posh Spice says all five former Spice Girls, Ginger, Baby, Sporty, Posh and Scary, are planning what she calls “a social get together” this week. But she denies that a comeback is in the cards, saying the women won’t be discussing reunion plans.
This is the first time in five years that all five Spice Girls have gotten together. The group formed in 1994 and sold 35 million albums worldwide in four and a half years, according to their Web site. Some of their hits include “Wannabe,” “Say You’ll Be There” and “2 Become 1.” The girlpower group also made a movie, “Spiceworld.” Ginger Spice left the group in 1998. And the remaining four haven’t recorded together since 2000.