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Dave Matthews Band To Release Film, DVD Boxed Set
The Dave Matthews Band intends to release a DVD boxed set of concert footage from shows in 2002. Three shows at the Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington, were recorded last fall for the DVD set, which will be followed by a long-form video that will play in theaters, according to United Entertainment Media’s Creative Planet Communities reports.
All three September 2002 Gorge concerts were recorded using 14 high-definition video cameras, capturing more than 100 hours of footage. A theatrical release is reportedly planned, with a long-form concert video to play in theaters equipped with high-definition projectors. The DVD boxed set will be issued via RCA, and is scheduled to be available later this year.
The Dave Matthews Band has released several collections of live material over the years. And while fans may have their opinion as to which is best, Matthews admits that it’s difficult for him to judge the band’s shows. “We’ll have a show where the whole band will get off the stage and we’ll be feeling, like, ‘God that was awesome. That was just so smoking,'” Matthews said. “And then I’ll talk to the sound or we’ll talk to the soundman, and he’ll go, ‘It was OK. That wasn’t great–it was OK. It had some trouble.’ And then some nights we’ll all be a little winded after the show and we’ll talk to one of the guys in the crew or to the soundman Jeff, and they’ll be, like, ‘That was one of the best shows that we’ve had.’ And then you’re [thinking], ‘Well, that’s too bad,’ ’cause then it makes you think that you don’t know what the hell’s happening.”