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Mike Myers Samples Unusual Film Deal
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – Mike Myers has inked an unusual production deal with DreamWorks in which the actor will insert himself, other actors and new plots into existing films to create new properties.
The studio is calling the process “film sampling,” similar to the music business practice in which an artist takes part of an existing song and works it into his own tune, sometimes with new lyrics and music.
“Film sampling is an exciting way to put an original spin on existing films and allow audiences to see old movies in a new light,” Myers said. “Rap artists have been doing this for years with music, and now we are able to take that same concept and apply it to film.”
The idea isn’t new; Woody Allen created new dialogue for a Japanese film and released it as “What’s Up, Tiger Lily?” in 1966. More recently, commercials have altered old movie footage starring John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart and Fred Astaire to promote beer, soda and vacuum cleaners.
Myers is already known for his homages to pictures. In his previous film outings, including the “Austin Powers” trilogy and even “Wayne’s World 2,” Myers has re-staged or spoofed scenes from pics including “The Graduate” “The Thomas Crown Affair” and the James Bond franchise.
But the new deal with DreamWorks will have him take the tweaking to a new level.
Myers’ pact, which isn’t a traditional first-look production deal but specific to the films made from sampling, will have DreamWorks acquiring the rights to films so the actor can use advancements in technology to digitally alter them.
Myers and the studio already have several films in mind but would not disclose them, as no deals have yet been inked.
DreamWorks principals Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg will help to develop the first project, and “Austin Powers” franchise helmer Jay Roach is on board to direct. In addition, Kid From The Hall Dave Foley and writer-producer Jay Kogen are also in negotiations to join the picture.