And the British have never been happier!

Rocker Kelly Osbourne Pulls UK Gig on Terror Fears
LONDON (Reuters) – Rock tearaway Kelly Osbourne has pulled out of performing at one of Britain’s biggest music awards, fearing a terror attack on London while she is there, a spokeswoman said on Thursday.
The spiky-haired singer, who was due to belt out her latest hit “Shut Up” at the NME awards on Thursday, canceled the show after pressure from her showbiz parents Sharon and Ozzy.
“Sharon and Ozzy are concerned about their children’s safety and they don’t want them flying about while the world is on high alert,” said a UK spokeswoman.
The United States and Britain have bolstered security amid intelligence-led fears that al Qaeda may launch a terror attack on the western allies.
Britain has deployed troops to London’s Heathrow airport and reconnaissance aircraft to the skies, while the U.S. has surrounded its defense headquarters at the Pentagon with anti-aircraft missiles.
The teenage rebel “freaked” when she saw images of British troops patrolling Heathrow, according to the Web Site of the show’s organizer NME.
“The Osbournes were in New York on September 11 (2001),” said Kelly’s spokeswoman. “That had a big effect on them.”
NME added that British showbiz promoters were expecting a slew of cancellations from other U.S.-based stars, including Pink, Avril Lavigne and Justin Timberlake.