And he’s right!

Ex-Metallica bassist rips former band
Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted has been bad-mouthing his ex-bandmates and commenting on their recent decision to tour with Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, British magazine Rock Sound reports.
“It’s a joke, I think Metallica are just a joke, I don’t think they have any idea. I am a fan of Metallica again, I did my thing in there and felt good and I’m proud of that sh*t and I am more proud than sour,” he said in an online conversation with the British magazine. “But that’s the integrity down the f***ing tube!” he said of the band’s choice to participate in the Summer Sanitarium tour 2003, kicking off in July.
“What they are doing now is such an obvious cash thing and has nothing to do with the music that we’re supposed to be fighting for,” he said.
And in one final Metallica slam, he dissed drummer Lars Ulrich by writing: “Lars — he hasn’t practiced enough drums over the years. He let his art fall away from him, he doesn’t have the same finesse as he used to have.”
Newsted reportedly left the band for personal reasons in early 2001, and has now joined Canadian rockers Voivod.
“Over the years at different times, it was always a secret true aspiration to be the bass player in Voivod,” he said in a press release. “I also feel strongly about my hard-earned ability to bring some long deserved recognition to these brilliant musicians, whom I’ve looked up to since the early days of this music that the four of us helped to invent,” he added.
He also told the magazine that it’s unlikely that his former and current bands will take a stage together. “There is political sh*t going on, they are really against us being on the same bills. Wherever Metallica is you won’t be seeing Voivod,” he said.
Voivod are scheduled to kick off their U.S. tour on April 10.