I just hope the women are attractive

New ‘Survivor’ Splits Up Sexes
NEW YORK – How’s this for a selling point? “Survivor” host Jeff Probst says splitting contestants into separate teams for men and women had the unexpected benefit of promoting nudity.
CBS won’t be able to show it, of course, when the sixth edition of “Survivor,” from the Amazon, debuts Thursday. But a little sexiness never hurt.
“With all the women together, there’s no modesty,” Probst said Monday in an interview with The Associated Press.
Male contestants were immediately cocky when they heard of the arrangement, Probst said. And he wondered, too, when the men immediately started building a shelter and the women spent time talking.
But the women were laying a different kind of foundation, finding out about the people they would be competing against for a $1 million prize, he said.
While not physically as strong, the women realized they had certain other advantages in competing against men stuck together for weeks in the tropics ó including the strategic use of a string bikini.
“The women knew they could manipulate them,” Probst said, “and the men were ready to be manipulated.”