Believe the rumours!

New Fleetwood Mac due in April
Fleetwood Mac will release its first new album with Lindsay Buckingham since 1987 on April 15, Rolling Stone reports.
“Say You Will,” will feature Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, and Buckingham, but not keyboardist/singer Christine McVie.
“(Christine’s departure) kind of freed the Fleetwood Mac situation to be looked at in a fresh light and in some ways in the dynamic that Stevie and I had going before we joined the band,” Buckingham said. “But this music is the best that I’ve ever done on my own, or with Fleetwood Mac, tapping into some new areas,” he said.
Some of the songs contributed by Buckingham are up to nine years old and have been considered for use on solo projects.
The band is planning a world tour, set to begin in May.