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Dixie Chicks Release Live DVD, Launch New Website
The Dixie Chicks are set to release a live DVD/VHS of their full-length concert for the first time on February 11. An Evening With The Dixie Chicks includes all the songs from the award-winning trio’s NBC special concert, plus seven additional songs not seen in the TV broadcast, for a total of 16 songs. The show was recorded over two nights at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles.
There’s no doubt that Dixie Chicks members Natalie Maines, Emily Robison, and Martie Maguire had quite a hand in the final outcome of the DVD/VHS. The trio has made a point to be very involved in every aspect of their career, and have the final say in anything that goes out with their names on it.
In fact, the multiplatinum-selling act has been approached by a multitude of companies hoping the Chicks will lend their image to various products, but few get the Chicks’ approval, according to Maguire. “We just think a lot of things are sellouts,” Maguire said. “We get approached with a lot of endorsement deals–clothing line deals, makeup deals–and if we don’t wear it or use it then we don’t want to sell it, and I don’t have any regrets with that at all. I really feel like we stick to our guns, and I hope we don’t get a bad reputation for it.”
Being strong-willed women in a tough industry has worked both for and against the Dixie Chicks. “People might say we’re hard to work for–I don’t know–or work with, but I know we care,” Marguire said. “I know we spend a lot of time trying to make the music right, and so we’re very picky about what gets put out, and I’m sure we drive our label crazy too because we wanna know every picture, can’t change our mixes on our songs, and we just wanna know what’s gettin’ out to the public, so we usually wanna have our grubby little hands in everything.”
The Dixie Chicks have teamed up with Yahoo! for the official Dixie Chicks Artist Club, the first club of its kind on the Internet giant. Fans who pay a yearly $30 fee will receive a host of benefits, including premium pre-sale concert tickets; exclusive videos and performances; tour diaries from Maines, Maguire, and Robison; backstage photos; and entrance in special contests.
“Control freaks that we are, Martie, Emily and I spent considerable time with Yahoo! coming up with some great new ways we can better serve the people who have made us what we are today–the fans,” said Maines. “We have renewed enthusiasm about actively participating in our official website, we’re grateful to the people at Yahoo! for understanding us, and we’re excited that the new and improved site is up and running.”
You can access the new website by logging onto