How Many PSYCHO Remakes Does a Guy Need?
While talking to Moviehole about his new film “Gerry”, Gus Van Sant revealed that he is in talks to do another version of “Psycho”.
“I’m thinking of remaking “Psycho” again. Doing a third remake. The idea this time is to really change it – we’re talking about doing a Punk rocker setting. Viggo Mortensen suggested it. He was married to Exene Cervenka and knows all the right people to get involved – all the right punk rocker etc – so he would definitely be involved if we go ahead.”, he says.
“”Psycho” was great, a huge kind of grand experiment project. Very trial by fire. It met with a lot of criticism – but we managed to keep afloat, I think we broke even”
Van Sant also said one of his films might get made after all. ”
We were in pre-production on the John Travolta picture “Standing Room Only” and it came apart – financially it was a bit shaky. We’ll possibly do that again sometime.”