Attention CTV! Attention! Let me be one of the judges! Trust me! I will rock!

‘Canadian Idol’ auditions to be held
Auditions for CTV’s new Canadian Idol series have been scheduled for seven cities beginning in April, but talent hopefuls can rest easy: nasty judge Simon Cowell will not be on the panel.
“He’s tied up with the American show until the end of May,” said Rick Lewchuk, CTV’s senior vice-president of program planning and promotion.
Cowell is known for his harsh comments directed at quivering contestants on Fox’s hit series American Idol.
How harsh?
“If you lived 2,000 years ago and sang like that, I think they would have stoned you,” he told one hapless contestant.
To another: “If you were to win and sing a song, you would kill the American record industry. That’s how bad you were.”
And although Canadians will be spared Cowell’s insults, CTV promises “a fiercely fought competition.”
Auditions will be held in Vancouver (April 24), Calgary (April 29), Winnipeg (May 3), Montreal (May 7), Halifax (May 13), St. John’s, Nfld., (May 21) and Toronto (May 26). Venues have not yet been announced.
The auditions are open to Canadians between age 16 and 26. Contestants should have two songs prepared and will be asked to sing without musical accompaniment. Anyone with talent representation or a recording contract is ineligible.
A web site — provides the rules and an application form for competitors.
CTV will air the 24-part series beginning in June. The show will follow the same formula as American Idol, in which thousands of competitors are gradually whittled down.
“At stake for the winner is a guaranteed recording contract and instant stardom,” the network says.
Season 2 of American Idol, airing Tuesdays and Wednesdays on CTV, is averaging 2.35 million viewers.
CTV says it has received a lot of applications from people wanting to be judges, but it’s not looking for a Simon Cowell clone.
“It has to be people who are credible in the music business,” said Lewchuk. “It’s about them being able to judge these kids fairly.”