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Courtney Love Arrested After Flight to London
LONDON (Reuters) – British police arrested U.S. rock star Courtney Love after she arrived on a transatlantic flight at London’s Heathrow Airport Tuesday.
Virgin Atlantic said the 38-year-old star, widow of Nirvana’s late singer Kurt Cobain, was detained after a disturbance on board its flight from Los Angeles.
An airline spokesman said Love, lead singer of the band Hole, had verbally abused cabin crew during the flight.
The plane’s captain had called police during the flight to notify them, the spokesman added.
“Essentially she was acting in a disruptive manner. We won’t tolerate disruptive behavior and the matter is now in the hands of the police,” he said.
British police would not immediately confirm the arrest, but a source told Reuters: “It looks like that’s the case.”
Witnesses said police met the flight when it arrived and after about 20 minutes Love was escorted off and put into a police van.
“She was having a row with one of the flight attendants,” one woman passenger told reporters. “There were a lot of raised voices.”
Love’s behavior in the past has earned her a reputation as a hell-raiser with well publicized drink and drug problems.
The passenger said Love had “looked out of it as she was led across the tarmac.”
“She had bright red lipstick on which appeared smudged. But Courtney Love is Courtney Love — I guess that’s rock and roll.”