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‘Matrix’ Reloads For Rabbit Hole
Mum is generally the word on any details of the top-secret Matrix movies.
What can Laurence Fishburne say about this year’s two highly anticipated sequels to the 1999 special-effects trailblazer?
The Matrix Reloaded arrives in theaters May 15; Revolutions is due in November.
“I can tell we’re going to see how deep the rabbit hole goes,” he says, referring to the origin of the Matrix world. “And I can tell the you the technology is as ground-breaking as the first time around. I can tell you there’s going to be two animated shorts released on the Internet in February that explain some of the origins of the Matrix.
“I’m as excited as anybody else is to see it, because I have not.”
Headed by writing/directing brothers Larry and Andy Wachowski, filming in Sydney began in August 2001 for 10 months. But Fishburne had begun training with Keanu Reeves and other cast members in November 2000.
“It was a very long, very long time for the same character, very long to be away from home, to shave one’s head every day. Most people don’t remember I have hair.
“We lost people. We lost Aaliyah (who died in a plane crash), and Nona Gaye, Marvin Gaye’s daughter, replaced her. Gloria Foster (who died of cancer), who is the Oracle, she’s in Reloaded but not in Revolutions. So we lost our oldest, and we lost our youngest.”
Did it feel as if the production had a Greek curse or something equally mythic?
“If you asked the Wachowskis, I’m sure they’d say it felt like a Greek thing. I don’t know, man. I’m happy I’m a part of something that is cinematically historical. Again.”