As we all were!

Moby Horrified By Celine’s Super Bowl Performance
Moby writes on his official website on Sunday, “So I actually did end up watching some of the Super Bowl… I know, I know, I’m a hypocrite. I ended up in an apartment with a bunch of people who were watching the Super Bowl, so I figured I’d give it a try. I only watched about 20 minutes of it, so I guess that I missed the exciting stuff. But the pre-show with Celine Dion made my skin crawl. Ugh. It was so creepy. I felt like I was livingin ‘Starship Troopers’ minus the giant bugs and cool uniforms. Not to be too much of a lefty loudmouth, but since when has patriotism come to only mean flags and songs and soldiers? Isn’t that a bit worrisome and a bit redolent of the fascist regimes that we fought against 60 years ago? I like the U.S.A, but what I like about the U.S.A are the freedoms that are enshrined in the bill of rights.” He added, “I guess I have this fantasy that at some big, corporate sporting event they’ll have a reading of the Bill of Rights instead of Celine Dion butchering a song while zombified backing singers smile like poster children for Xanax with military jets flying overhead.”