If you aren’t watching the show its time to ask yourself “Why?”

Jay Mohr, Amy Smart Check In with ‘Scrubs’
NBC’s hospital comedy “Scrubs” is admitting more guest stars for February sweeps and extending the run of a previously announced guest.
Jay Mohr (“Action,” “Jerry Maguire” ) will play a doctor who studied under Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) in the Thursday, Feb. 13 episode. Mohr’s character will help J.D. (Zach Braff) gain some insight into Cox’s badly damaged psyche.
The following week, Amy Smart (“Felicity,” “Road Trip” ) will begin a three-episode arc as the wife of a coma patient at the hospital. J.D. faces a moral dilemma when he finds himself falling for her.
The show will also keep Rick Schroder around for at least four episodes, up from the two shows on which he was originally slated to appear. His character, a male nurse, will be introduced in Thursday’s (Jan. 30) 40-minute “super-sized” episode.
The character, Paul, becomes an object of infatuation for Elliot (Sarah Chalke) — who at first thinks he’s a doctor. Once she gets over the fact that he’s not, they decide to go out.
Schroder says the decision to do more episodes came from a conversation he had with series creator Bill Lawrence.
“The decision was just a very hang-loose personal relationship where he just asked me if I was having fun,” Schroder says. “And obviously they like what I’m doing to Sarah’s character. She’s so funny with the way she relates to me. It’s just hysterical what it’s done for her character.”