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Radio Station Guilty in Dry Ice Stunt
LONDON (Reuters) – A British radio station pleaded guilty Friday to injuring four listeners who suffered severe frostbite after sitting on dry ice for a competition.
After the “Coolest Seats In Town” challenge by BRMB radio in Birmingham, the participants — aged between 15 and 30 — had to be hospitalized and suffered scarring.
“We pleaded guilty and have been fined 15,000 pounds ($25,000),” a spokesman for BRMB told Reuters.
The Health and Safety Executive, the safety watchdog which brought the prosecution, said the temperature of the dry ice — frozen carbon dioxide — was minus 108.40 degrees Fahrenheit.
The prize for the contest held in August 2001 was tickets to a music festival called “Party in the Park.”
The radio station said it was sorry about what had happened.
“We deeply regret the consequences,” said Paul Davies, operations director for the Capital Radio Group.
“It was never our intention to place anyone in jeopardy and we sincerely apologies to the participants and their families for their injuries and distress.”
Davies said an internal investigation had been carried out to ensure a similar incident did not occur again.
Over the last few years the station has run several publicity stunts which have aroused controversy.
One promotion led to two strangers getting married, winning cash, an exotic honeymoon and the use of an luxury apartment. The competition prompted criticism from church groups which said it demeaned the dignity of marriage vows.
The couple separated after a few months.