The claws are coming out in Hollywood
Gwyneth Paltrow recently made some observations about wedded bliss. “Marriage isn’t something that should be taken lightly,” she told an interviewer. “I don’t want to be married for six months, then say: ‘Oh, well, never mind. On to No. 2.’ ”
A dig at Jennifer Lopez?
Maybe. After all, Lopez is about to marry Ben Affleck, with whom Paltrow had an intense relationship that ended in 1999. And when Lopez does marry Affleck, he’ll be No. 3. Cris Judd, No. 2, lasted eight months before they separated. Cuban waiter Ojani Noa was her first husband. They wed in 1997 and divorced in 1998.
And Paltrow probably still hasn’t forgotten some remarks Lopez made in 1998 in Movieline magazine, dissing her acting ability. When asked about Paltrow, Lopez said in the piece: “I don’t remember anything she was in. Some people get hot by association. I heard more about her and (former boyfriend) Brad Pitt than I ever heard about her work.”
From Gwynnie’s crack to the new Miller Lite beer ad, catfights are in the news right now. There’s just something about two women going at each other √≥ think back to the glory days of Dynasty.
So just what’s in a celebrity catfight?
* Sometimes T-shirts do the talking.
Julia Roberts was caught by photographers wearing an “A Low Vera” T-shirt, a reference to husband Danny Moder’s now ex-wife, Vera, who was not happy about her husband taking up with the movie star.
Then there was Britney Spears wearing a “Dump Him” T-shirt just a few months ago. It was taken to be a message for Alyssa Milano, who had taken up with her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake.
* Sometimes it’s highbrow.
Katie Couric and political commentator Ann Coulter, author of Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right, went at each other on the Today show last year. Coulter made a reference to Couric as Hitler’s mistress, “the affable Eva Braun of morning TV.”
“The ‘affable,’ ” Couric snorted. “Thanks. That makes me feel sooo much better.”
It was the buzz of media circles for days.
* Sometimes it gets physical.
The hot Miller Lite beer ad running now titled “Catfight” shows women wrestling in a pit of cement. The closest thing stars have done might be the now-legendary reports of tense times two years ago on the set of Wise Girls, a movie starring Mariah Carey and Mira Sorvino. People magazine quoted a producer saying the two had such disagreements that one day they went at each other, with Mariah throwing a salt shaker at Mira and the two wrestling to the floor. The actresses immediately issued denials.