Britney Dies Hard?!?!?

Will Britney Spears Be Joining The Cast Of DIE HARD 4?
Sharp-eyed readers in Dallas sent word today about a bizarre entertainment story that appeared in yesterday’s Morning News newspaper. According to our scoopers, the news story stated that none other than pop song starlet Britney Spears is being considered to play Bruce Willis’ daughter in the new Die Hard movie. The Texan newspaper claimed they got their info from a source close to the singer, and that the setting for the film would be on a Carribean holiday. Also mentioned by the source was that Willis wants to kill off his character of supercop John McClane in the picture. The spectacular story later appeared on Tuesday’s edition of Entertainment Tonight. Before you start screaming in the streets, bear in mind that this story hasn’t been confirmed by anyone from Spears’ or Willis’ two camps.
Methinks that is a sign of the global apocalypse, but I am holding out hope for the human race.