Think of today’s releases as one good one and a bunch of other stuff

“The Bourne Identity” Is Bourne For Home Viewing
In the end you will make your own decisions, but if you aren’t able to decide for yourself, here are my thoughts on the biggest video titles that are being bourne today.
The Bourne Identity- An amnesiac tries to figure out his past while staying alive in this great thrill ride of an adventure caper. (Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Julia Stiles)
Simone- A director gets second chance with a digital star. This movie bytes! (Al Pacino, Catherine Keener, Jay Mohr)
Harrison’s Flowers- A journalist disapears and his wife goes on search to find him in this too close to being a true story to enjoy a movie about it film. (Andie MacDowell, David Strathairn, Elias Koteas)
Tadpole- A Boy falls in love with his step-mom, who looks alot like Lilith from “Cheers.” (Sigourney Weaver, Aaron Stanford, John Ritter)
101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure- The bastardization of Disney’s glorious past continues.
Enjoy the movies!