A matchbox divided unto itself cannot stand

Matchbox Twenty Members To Go Solo
In spite of studio acrimony during the making of More Than You Think You Are, Matchbox Twenty remains together. “Disease” is continuing the band’s run of hit singles, but singer-songwriter Rob Thomas told us that members of the band are involved in making music outside the band.
“There might be a longer break in between these two records–this record and the next record, I think. (Guitarist) Kyle (Cook) has a solo band, the New Left, that’s out touring around; and (drummer) Paul (Doucette) has a solo project; and I’m going to make a solo record; but these are all just in-betweens until the next Matchbox record. Now, we can say officially that there will be another record and that we’re glad to make it and we’re ready to tour. But you have to go through those things.”
Thomas has already established himself as a songwriter and solo artist outside of Matchbox Twenty, but the band does plan to tour in 2003. The band is set to travel to Europe for a handful of dates starting March 25 in Cologne, and a U.S. tour is in the works.