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Street Date News
Buena Vista Home Entertainment has set an April 29th street date for “Treasure Planet.” While the film was a huge theatrical bust for Disney expect a big marketing push to try and recoup some profits with the DVD release.
In other Disney news, the studio has added Toy Story and Toy Story 2 to its “Disappearing Classics” lineup, when both titles will go on moratorium starting April 15th. While the titles will remain on store shelves until current inventory is sold, retailers can no longer place new orders for the titles after that date. Get ’em while you can.
A Ring Update
Just is some more news on the highly-anticipated upcoming release of The Ring, the blockbuster thriller coming this March from DreamWorks Home Entertainment. The disc will have more cool features than originally thought, and DreamWorks will unveil the full press release next week, along with details on the simultaneous release of the Japanese original, Ringu.