I’m glad that they are taking the extra time. It will give the stench of that last season a chance to wash off! (PS- Carmella sucks!)

HBO is gunning for a January ’04 return for “The Sopranos” – 13 months after the fourth season ended.
And this is after making its fans wait 16 months between seasons the last time around.
“We are planning on January,” show producer Brad Grey told reporters yesterday.
Grey attributed the yearlong delay to series star James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano), who will be filming a movie.
“Jim’s going to go do a picture . . . It may push us a little bit, but we were planning on January,” he said.
“Maybe even [starting] a little earlier, but I’m thinking with Jim doing the picture, we may have to wait a little on that.”
Production on the fifth season is set to kick off in March.
“The Sopranos” ended its third season in May 2001 – then took 16 months off before returning last September in what was viewed by many fans to be somewhat of a disappointing season.