Dan’s favourite movie of 2002 debuts on DVD and video today!

Today’s New DVD And Video Releases
My favourite film of 2002 is now available for everyone to see. Released theatrically in May, this long delayed home bow is a great flick worth seeing.
Hugh Grant is perfectly cast as Will, a self-absorbed trust-fund slacker who tries to improve his romantic odds by preying on desperate single mothers. His cynical strategy backfires when he recruits the misfit son (Nicholas Hoult) of a suicidal mother (Toni Collette) to pose as his own son, thus proving his parental prowess to his latest single-mom target (Rachel Weisz). The kid has a warming effect on this ultimate cad, and what could have been a sappy tearjerker turns into a subtle, frequently hilarious portrait of familial quirks and elevated self-esteem.
From start to finish, it’s a genuine treat, and my favourite film of 2002. Enjoy the popcorn and the movie!