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Female Musicians Lead Domestic Violence Benefit
A host of female musicians have donated “special and previously unreleased tracks” to “Respond II,” a two-disc compilation that will benefit families affected by domestic violence. Featuring songs by Sarah McLachlan, Dolly Parton, Joan Baez, the Indigo Girls, Angelique Kidjo, and Suzanne Vega, the 32-track set is currently available directly from the Signature Sounds label’s Web site, and will be released Jan. 21 through traditional and online retailers via distribution from Koch.
Like its 1999 predecessor “Respond,” proceeds from the set will be donated to RESPOND Inc., and this time will be shared with the Family Violence Prevention Fund. Recognizing the support that late Billboard editor in chief Timothy White gave to the first project, “Respond II” is dedicated to his memory. “We thank him for his heart, generosity of spirit, and support,” the dedication reads. “We couldn’t have done it without him.”
Vega contributes one of the most well-known songs about abuse, her 1987 No. 3 Billboard Hot 100 hit “Luka,” while McLachlan gives over the compassionate “Witness,” from her 1997 set “Surfacing.” While a fair share of other singer/songwriters are represented (including Baez, Larkin, Aimee Mann, and Ani DiFranco), the set stretches into several genres, including bluegrass (Parton’s “Endless Stream of Tears”), Latin pop (Bebel Gilberto’s “Sem Contencao”), soul (Kidjo’s “Tumba”; Sweet Honey In The Rock’s “Run”), and indie rock (Sleater-Kinney’s “You’re No Rock’N’Roll Fun”).
As the set is shepherded by the Somerville, Mass.-based Respond, Inc., many Boston-area artists have donated their work, including Letters To Cleo singer Kay Hanley (“Sheltering Sky”), former Belly/Throwing Muses principal Tanya Donelly (“Last Rain”) and her Muses mate Kristin Hersh (“Spain”), Tracy Bonham (“I’m No Giant”), Jonatha Brooke (“Steady Pull”), and blues belter Susan Tedeschi (“Looking for Answers”).
More information on the disc and the benefiting organizations can be found at the project’s official Web site.
Here is the full “Respond II” track list:
Disc one:
“Lily,” Joan Baez
“Steady Pull,” Jonatha Brooke
“She’s Saving Me” (acoustic version), Indigo Girls
“Lost in Space,” Aimee Mann
“You’re No Rock’N’Roll Fun,” Sleater-Kinney
“Yo No,” Ely Guerra
“So What,” Ani DiFranco
“Good things Come to Those Who Wait,” Toni Lynn Washington
“Tumba,” Angelique Kidjo
“Chief,” Patty Griffin
“Buffalo,” Karaugh Brown
“Sheltering Sky,” Kay Hanley
“Silver,” Meghan Toohey and the So and So’s
“Spain,” Kristin Hersh
“Looking for Answers,” Susan Tedeschi
“Last Rain,” Tanya Donelly
Disc two:
“Luka,” Suzanne Vega
“Mountain Top,” Toshi Reagon
“Witness,” Sarah McLachlan
“I Wish I Was the Moon,” Neko Case
“Endless Stream of Tears,” Dolly Parton
“Too Many Troubles,” Julie Miller
“Lonely When You’re Gone,” Rachael Davis
“You Gotta Know How,” Odetta
“Como Hacemos,” Mili Bermejo
“Ashes on Your Eyes,” Deb Talan
“Sem Contencao,” Bebel Gilberto
“I’m No Giant,” Tracy Bonham
“Black Feather Wings,” Monique Ortiz
“Queen of Quiet” (fancy radio mix), Erin McKeown
“Run,” Sweet Honey In The Rock
“More Love,” Wannetta Jackson