“I’ll never wash my eyes again!”

Mad Magazine has the DUMBEST AWARDS
The editors of MAD Magazine, America’s foremost experts in dumbness have released its list of the fifth annual MAD 20, the humor monthly’s year-end review of “The Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2002.”
The editors of MAD Magazine, America’s foremost experts in dumbness, have chosen Martha Stewart, for her alleged involvement in insider trading and her repeated denials, to top In the new issue of MAD, Ms. Stewart is shown smiling and holding a halo over her head on the cover of a renamed Martha Stewart Lying Magazine. Other features include a satiric take on the cover-up in the Catholic Church which depicts Boston’s Cardinal Law in a “seeth-no-evil, heareth no-evil, speaketh-no-evil” pose and attorney General John Ashcroft as a snooping Uncle Sam promoting his Orwellian TIPS program.
The MAD 20, a special full-color 21-page section, is featured in the year-end issue #425 of MAD Magazine on sale now at newsstands, bookstores and comic book shops nation-wide.
MAD Magazine’s 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2002
1. Martha Stewart Cooks Her Own Goose
2. The INS Send Visas To 9/11 Terrorists
3. Mike Tyson Flips Out (Again)
4. The Anna Nicole Show: Reality TV Goes Bust
5. FOX: Must Flee TV
6. The Israeli/PLO Conflict: Two Wrongs Make A Fight
7. Corporate Corruption: White Collar Slime
8. The Olympic Judges Figure Skating Scandal: The Agony Of Deceit
9. The Color-Coded Warning System: Homeland Insecurity
10. The Catholic Church Sex Abuse Cover-Up: The Sins Of Our Fathers
11. The 2002 Baseball Season: A Major League Disaster
12. John Ashcroft’s TIPS: Life’s A Snitch
13. Penthouse Magazine Double Faults: The “Anna Kournikova” Nude Photos
14. Jayson Williams’ “Foul Shot”
15. R. Kelly’s XXX-Rated Sex With A Minor Video
16. Liquored-Up America West Airlines Pilots: High In The Sky
17. The David Letterman/Ted Koppel Saga: Stupid Net Tricks
18. Fat Kids Sue McDonald’s: The Big Mac Attack
19. Ted Williams: From the Batter’s Box To The Ice Box
20. President Bush Chokes On A Pretzel