They do smell nicer!

Women Nicer to Kiss on Screen, Says Julianne Moore
LONDON (Reuters) – Hollywood star Julianne Moore says women are nicer than men to kiss in the movies because they always smell nicer.
Moore said she had no problem preparing for her screen kiss with Toni Collette in “The Hours,” which has already been touted as a leading Oscar contender.
“She smelled so nice,” Moore told Britain’s Sunday Mirror.
“You kiss an actor and you don’t know what they are going to smell like. But you kiss a girl and she is going to smell good. And she’s very soft. They’re soft and they smell nice. Guys don’t.”
But Moore, married with two young children, has not taken the day job home.
Asked if she had ever kissed a woman in real life, she said: “I’ve only been involved with men sexually.”