What?!?! A wrestling event…faked? Get out of here!!!

Jerry Lawler Says Feud Was Set Up
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) – Pro wrestler Jerry “The King” Lawler has finally confessed: His famous feud with comedian Andy Kaufman was all set up.
The feud included a segment on the David Letterman show in 1982 when Lawler slapped the comedian and Kaufman later threw coffee at him รณ all while Letterman watched aghast.
Lawler writes in a new book, “It’s Good to Be the King…Sometimes,” that he and Kaufman decided on their own to have the confrontation on the show and that neither Letterman nor his producer knew ahead of time what would happen.
Lawler writes that he worried after the show that he would be arrested. He also says he’s sure that Letterman was angry about what happened.
The so-called feud began in Memphis when Kaufman decided to try out pro wrestling.
Lawler writes that the details behind the Kaufman incident have been a well-kept secret for over two decades. Kaufman died in 1984.