Spoiler warning if you haven’t seen the film.

Details about the extras that will appear on the STAR TREK: NEMESIS DVD.
The tenth film in this most hallowed of science fiction series makes its UK debut in January but work on the Star Trek: Nemesis DVD is already well underway. Eager fans will be tripping over themselves to add the tenth DVD to their shelf of Trek movies and, with the original cut of the film running almost 45 minutes over the final 116, there will be plenty of extras to keep them happy.
“When you make a film, there’s always extra stuff that you don’t use,” director Stuart Baird told Empire Online. “When I first saw the script, I knew it would run way too long but I shot most of it anyway. I’ll never cut them back into the movie because I don’t think they make it work but I’ll show them on the DVD because I think the fans will enjoy them.”
“One of the scenes that went was where we introduce Shinzon to the audience before Patrick Stewart sees him. But it didn’t have a lot of information that we needed. It was a nice scene but it completely undermined this very dramatic and theatrical reveal when Patrick Stewart first meets him.”
Also featuring on the DVD will be an extended ending, which leaves the film on a very different note to the theatrical finale. With the crew settling in after Ryker’s departure and (highlight to reveal MAJOR spoiler) Data’s untimely demise, Picard is introduced to his new first officer, who presumptuously addresses him as Jean Luc at a smirking Ryker’s suggestion. Another scene involving the captain’s new chair will also find a home on the home release.
“We had this big climax, with the battle and then some heart-rending moments with the crew. But then after all the gloom, I wanted a touch of hope, for the sun to just come out and end the movie. But there was a whole bunch of other scenes, which were jokey: saying goodbye to other people and a scene with the Captain’s new chair and it just seemed superfluous. The film was already over, really, so I cut them out.”
(Highlight for the same MAJOR spoiler) There was a scene that was cut from the movie after Data isÖ gone, shall we say,” adds Brent Spiner. “Worf and Geordi go into his room and Spot the cat is there. Worf ends up taking the cat and Geordi finds the emotion chip and keeps it.”
And it that’s not all, the disc will also include a commentary by Baird, images of his storyboards and interviews with both cast and crew. With this very likely the last time you’ll see Picard and the gang saving the stars on your screen, you’d best start saving those pennies.