More good Indy-damn news!

Are They Teasing?
Director Steven Spielberg was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal last week about Minority Report, Indy 4 and his new film, Catch Me If You Can. During the discussion, he mentioned the possibility of Raiders on DVD – here’s the relevant passage:
Q. “E.T.” is finally out on DVD after a long wait. Fans of Indiana Jones are hoping “Raiders of the Lost Ark” won’t be far behind, but Paramount is mum. Can you fill us in?
A. We’re aiming for next fall. George Lucas and I are having an argument with Paramount. Paramount wants to come out with all three [Indiana Jones] movies in one package. George [writer and producer of “Raiders”] and I want to come out with one film at a time and then come out with all three movies, and maybe even the fourth one, in one package later. (Paramount says there is no argument and discussions are ongoing.)
Interesting no? Format aside, it looks like there’s a real possibility that Indiana Jones will be brandishing his whip on your TV screens before 2003 is out.