Erin, we miss you!

Survivor: Thailand Ends Tonight
Tonight is the big two-hour finale of Survivor: Thailand.
There are four finalists still in the hunt. One of them is used car salesman and former soft-core porn actor Brian Heidik. According to court papers, wifey went ballistic when she came home the other night only to find Survivor Boy “passed out drunk on the couch with a beer in his hand.” She, it is reported, did the sensible thing and punched him in the nose while he was sleeping. Ha-ha!
If only Survivor was this entertaining. A good, drunken brawl would have been welcome most weeks as the current crop of Survivor losers limped toward their predictable fates.
Clay, Helen and Jan are tonight’s other three finalists. Zzzzz. For all the talk about this being the best looking Survivor cast, there are no cutie pies like Colleen or Elizabeth among these finalists, no characters like Lex or Rudy.
Not hosting tonight’s Survivor after-party is Rosie O’Donnell, who was apparently tossed from the show for looking too much like Lou Costello. Instead, Jeff Probst will be played by Jeff Probst.
Survivor Six, which should begin in February, wrapped earlier this month near Sao Paulo, Brazil. It takes place in the Amazon rainforest and is already being hyped as “the mother of all challenges.”
Executive producer Mark Burnett has hinted that a Survivor Tournament of Champions, featuring previous winners as well as some of the more colourful characters from past games, will take place at the end of next season, possibly as Survivor Nine.
CBS is already accepting applications for Survivor Seven, although, as always, Canadians need not apply. That contest will likely air next fall.