Remember the TV series based on the hit film “Working Girl”? Or “Fast Time At Ridgemount High”? Of course not! With the exception of M*A*S*H all TV series based on movies suck!

As box-office returns continue to pour in for “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” CBS is updating its original plans for a TV version.
CBS shot the pilot for a show to be called “My Big Fat Greek Family” starring the funny woman, Nia Vardalos, last March – after the film had been made but before it was released.
But the success of her film, released in April, has changed the fate of that little “backup” sitcom.
The title has been changed to “My Big Fat Greek Life,” and every cast member from the movie, except for John Corbett, who played the WASPy boyfriend, has agreed to appear in the TV show.
Additionally, instead of centering the pilot around the wedding day, Vardalos insisted they launch the series the day after the boisterous family event.
“We’d like to see the journey between honeymoon and 6-year-old [daughter],” Vardalos says in her upbeat, husky voice. Brad Grey Television, which is producing the show for CBS and which also handles such successes as “The Sopranos,” will reshoot the pilot next month.
The decision to scrap the original pilot is a good indication of how Vardalos’ leverage at the network has changed.