Remember when movies used the word “The”?

Now Available
One of the year’s most interesting films debuts on DVD today. Tom Cruise stars and Steven Spielberg directs “Minority Report.”
The 2-disc DVD Features include:
* “Minority Report: From Story to Screen”: Steven Spielberg recounts his approach to the film’s characters and storyline
* “Deconstructing Minority Report”: learn how Spielberg brought together a think tank of some of the world’s most renowned minds and how this elite group conceived the near-future world of the film
* “The Stunts of Minority Report”: how the thrilling action sequences and stunts were created
* “The Digital World of Minority Report”: ILM explains the visual effects
* “Final Report”: a discussion with Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise
* Minority Report Archives: production concepts, storyboard sequences, production photographs, production notes, and bios
* Widescreen anamorphic format
* Number of discs: 2