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L.A. Critics Pick ‘About Schmidt’ as Best Movie
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The Los Angeles Film Critics on Saturday picked drama “About Schmidt,” starring Jack Nicholson, as the year’s top movie, splitting the two major critics’ awards so far as the 2002 Hollywood movie awards season heads into a pivotal week with more honors ahead.
“Far From Heaven,” which along with the drama “The Hours” claimed the title of best actress for Julianne Moore, landed in the Los Angeles critics’ group No. 2 spot. Isabelle Huppert took the runner-up spot for best actress in the Holocaust drama “The Piano Teacher.”
Nicholson shared best actor honors with Daniel Day-Lewis for the widely anticipated Martin Scorcese drama “Gangs of New York.” With the shared award, there was no runner-up in that category.
The Los Angeles Critics Association, a group of 50 local movie reviewers, are among the first of the major critics’ organizations this year to put out their annual award list. Still to come this week is the New York Film Critics Circle on Monday and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Golden Globe nominations on Thursday.
The National Board of Review has already weighed in with “The Hours” as the top film of the year followed by musical “Chicago” and “Gangs of New York” in the third spot.
The early critics awards often help narrow the choice of candidates for the Oscars in March.
In “Schmidt” Nicholson plays a 66 year-old retiree on a search for meaning in his life. “Far From Heaven” has Moore portraying a 1950’s housewife whose husband is gay. “Chicago” is based on the musical of the same name and “Gangs of New York” tells of turn of the century gang wars in the city.
The L.A. critics picked acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar as the year’s top director for “Talk to Her,” which looks at how men deal with love relationships. The runner-up was Todd Haynes for “Far From Heaven.
Chris Cooper for “Adaptation” was named best supporting actor with Christopher Walken as the runner-up for “Catch Me If You Can.” Edie Falco was the favorite supporting actress for “Sunshine State” followed by Kathy Bates for “About Schmidt.”
Screenplay honors went to Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor for “About Schmidt” with Charlie Kaufman and Donald Kaufman runner-ups. Best foreign language film award went to Mexican hit “Y Tu Mama Tambien,” followed by “Talk to Her.”