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McCartney reignites Beatles feud
NEW YORK (AP) — Paul McCartney is reopening an old wound with Yoko Ono over Beatles songwriting credits.
His new live album, “Back in the U.S.,” credits 19 Beatles songs to “Paul McCartney and John Lennon,” rather than “Lennon/McCartney.” Ono’s lawyer, Peter Shukat, tells Rolling Stone what McCartney did is “absolutely inappropriate” because Lennon and McCartney had an agreement to credit all their Beatles music to Lennon/McCartney.
McCartney disputes that claim. His spokesman, Geoff Baker, says Lennon and McCartney agreed in the 60’s they could switch the names whenever they felt like it.
McCartney has been crediting his name first on Beatles songs on his solo albums since “Wings Over America” in 1976. However, for anything on the Beatles’ Apple label, all band members or their estates must approve any changes unanimously.