We remember you, John!

Yoko Ono Urges Peace on Lennon Death Anniversary
TOKYO (Reuters) – Yoko Ono called for peace and global solidarity Sunday, the anniversary of the murder of her husband, the Beatle John Lennon, in New York 22 years ago.
“Even little children sing the song ‘Imagine,’ which shows John’s spirit is living all around the world even 22 years later,” Ono, 69, who is in Japan to take part in a concert honoring Lennon, told Kyodo news agency in an interview.
“The world situation is tense, but we are a big family. Let’s realize a peaceful world,” Ono said, adding that many Americans were opposed to any U.S. military attack on Iraq, which Washington says has weapons of mass destruction.
“Americans also want peace. Building a peaceful future together is the duty for mankind.”
Ono spent previous anniversaries of Lennon’s death at their old New York apartment, but this year the Tokyo native will participate in Monday’s concert in Saitama, north of the capital.
Lennon was murdered on Dec. 8, 1980 outside his Manhattan apartment across from Central Park.
Ono said individuals can make the world a better place despite the anxieties after last year’s Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Washington.
“There is no other choice but for each individual to do everything possible. The sea holds a large amount of water, but what is important is each droplet that makes up the body of water,” she said.