Sorry Elton, but I like it!

Elton to Madonna: ‘Worst Bond Song of All Time!’
HOLLYWOOD ( -Madonna just can’t do anything to please those Brits. This time it’s Elton John leading the charge, attacking the Material Girl’s “Die Another Day” theme song in the press. He told British journalists that the tune is the worst 007 theme in the franchise’s history.
“It hasn’t got a tune,” Elton John told the Sun. “James Bond themes are usually very camp and this one’s different. It is the worst Bond tune of all time.”
He added that the producers “should have gone for somebody like Lulu and Shirley Bassey, or maybe I’m in that league.”
This is the second attack on the actress/singer by the Elton John household. Earlier this month, David Furbish, Elton John’s life-mate, went public with his opinions when he heard that Madonna was going to make a movie about her life.
“I can’t imagine anything more boring than a film about her because there’s no secrets,” Furnish told the British press. “She’s bared her soul to the pressÖ We’ve witnessed every incarnation. There’s no mystery, there’s no mystique.”
“Die Another Day” composer David Arnold has also dissed Madonna’s foray into the Bond universe. “Ideally, I would have liked to make some musical sense of her song,” he told London’s Sunday Express,” but I couldn’t.”