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I knew eventually my glass tub would come in handy!

There’s Beer to Wash Away Your Troubles
BERLIN (Reuters) – There are days when you feel like a bath full of beer, not just a glass.
Now you can have both — thanks to a German brewery which has developed a beer you can wash down your food with or wash down your body.
Klosterbrauerei, or monastic brewery, was looking for ways to mop up excess capacity in a slumping beer market and struck upon the bathtime supplement to help tipplers soak away their stresses and strains.
The brewery, in Neuzelle, near Leipzig, eastern Germany, says the dark brown brew has restorative powers for both the mind and body to improve the skin and pep up spirits.
“It opens up the pores, the yeast penetrates the skin and after 15 minutes your skin feels softer everywhere,” company spokesman Dirk Vock told Reuters. “It is also a good remedy for people with skin problems.”
“The beer cloaks bathers in a delicate aroma of malt,” said, Vock who recommended about three liters of beer per bathtub.
But Klosterbrauerei, which showed the bath beer to shoppers in Leipzig Thursday, said those taking a boozy dip would not end up smelling like a brewery.
“When you get to work, you won’t smell like you’ve just emerged from the corner bar,” Vock said.
Although once the beer has been mixed with the bathwater, Vock says it is best not to take a sneaky sup.
“Obviously you wouldn’t want to drink bath oil once you’ve bathed in it either,” he said.