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Crowe tops ‘coldest person’ list
NEW YORK (AP) — Russell Crowe could make a lot of people’s lists of the hottest celebrities, but an online film magazine calls him the coldest person in the entertainment world.
The “Gladiator” star tops Film Threat’s “Frigid 50,” an annual ranking designed to refute lists of Hollywood’s hot and powerful in magazines like Entertainment Weekly and Premiere.
Film Threat calls Crowe “our favorite wild boor, whose bad-boy big mouth and Redwood-sized chip-on-the-shoulder easily cost him an Oscar for ‘A Beautiful Mind.”‘
Among the 50 celebrities on the list are Winona Ryder, Cuba Gooding Jr., Richard Gere, Barbra Streisand and Anna Nicole Smith.
Of Jennifer Lopez, the magazine’s writers said this week, “We’re just trying to remember when she was any good at all.”
Last year, Freddie Prinze Jr. topped the “Frigid 50,” and Robin Williams had the dubious distinction in 2000.