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Michael Jackson Thriller: Dangles Baby Out Window
BERLIN (Reuters) – Singer Michael Jackson briefly dangled a barefoot baby over the railing of his fourth-floor hotel window on Tuesday, providing a momentary if odd thriller for fans waiting on Berlin’s central square below.
The “King of Pop” arrived in the German capital after three days of testimony last week in California in a $21 million lawsuit by a German promoter over canceled concerts.
A crowd of screaming fans greeted the reclusive entertainer, in town to receive a lifetime achievement award at a ceremony on Thursday night, in front of the Adlon Hotel.
When he got up to his room, Jackson opened his window and held a light-skinned baby, a white towel over the tot’s head, briefly over the metal railing. He held the baby with one hand.
Jackson also showed off another child who was about four or five years old. The child, whose face was also covered in white, waved to the crowd below.
A spokeswoman said Jackson was traveling with his children.
Jackson has three children, two by ex-wife Debbie Rowe, five-year-old son Prince Michael and four-year-old daughter Paris. He also has a baby who is less than one year old.
Jackson arrived to the hotel wearing a white surgical mask over his mouth and nose, but later removed it.