It was one of TV’s all time greatest shows and here is your chance to find out more about it (Oh, and it is now available on DVD, by the way!)

Keeping it real on ‘Sports Night’
“Sports Night,” a series depicting what goes on behind the scenes of “Sports Night,” a show that looks a lot like “SportsCenter,” first aired on ABC on Sept. 22, 1998. It got rave reviews and picked up a couple of Emmy Awards, but never moved beyond the middle of the pack in the ratings. The 45th, and final, episode aired on May 16, 2000.
It says a lot when you can put an entire series on six DVDs.Aaron Sorkin, who created the show and wrote much of the series, says he aimed for realism, even spending some time at the ESPN campus in Bristol. But he also, obviously, was attempting to produce a funny and compelling series that would be wildly popular.
Recently, the complete run of “Sports Night” came out in a six-disc box set. If every episode of “SportsCenter” were released in a DVD set, the box would be the size of an 18-wheeler. So that’s one difference.
Are there any others?