Yeah! I never made the list!

Stuff Magazine names its 2002 Biggest Loser List.
Steven the Dell Guy, the perky pitchman for Dell Computer Corp., is the biggest loser of the year, according to a tongue-in-cheek list compiled by Stuff magazine.
The beanie cap-wearing actor, whose real name is Ben Curtis, fended off tough competition from the likes of fellow thespian Russell Crowe and airport security workers, according to the list published in Stuff’s upcoming December issue.
“We chose people that just make your skin crawl by being there,” Stuff editor-in-chief Greg Gutfeld told Reuters on Thursday. “The Dell Guy was ubiquitous, and the only reason he’s perceived as being successful was because he was ubiquitous.”
A spokesman at Austin, Texas-based Dell said he “disagreed wholeheartedly” with the No. 1 ranking, noting that the Steven campaign had been very successful. Curtis does not appear in Dell’s current ad campaign, but the company still has a relationship with him, the spokesman said.
Gutfeld said airport security workers would have been a lock for the top spot, but he was worried he would be thrown off future flights. Instead, the federal employees made the list at No. 5 with the citation: “they couldn’t spot a real terrorist if they had ‘Death to Infidels’ tattooed on their foreheads.”
Crowe, who missed out on an Academy Award this year for “A Beautiful Mind,” was ranked No. 2 with the recommendation that he should lighten up.
Other “losers” included the FBI, for publicly identifying a suspected anthrax mailer who now plans to sue the agency for defamation; and “The West Wing” star Martin Sheen for apparently thinking he really is the president.