Hey, Spielberg! Leave those films alone!

This is from Kevin Smith’s online diary for the flick JERSEY GIRL…
“…we wanted to use a clip from JAWS in JERSEY GIRL — the shot of Quint being eaten by the shark. It was the focus of a short scene between George Carlin’s character Bart and his granddaughter (the titular Jersey Girl) in which he used the movie to instruct the child of the perils of swimming at the beach. The word came back from Amblin that Spielberg didn’t want to license scenes featuring the shark, based on the primitive special effects in the flick (i.e., the shark looks fake).
When we chose another scene that didn’t showcase Bruce himself (we opted for the death of the raft-riding Kintner boy — the one whose remains the Mayor didn’t want to see spill out all over the dock), the word came back that Spielberg didn’t want to license the use of any scenes in JAWS that reminded people how scary the movie was.
The long and short of this story, kids?
I smell a digitally manipulated re-release of JAWS in which the shark menaces Amity with a walkie-talkie.”