Yeah! No Whoopi! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Martin to Return as Oscars Host
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Actor-comedian Steve Martin will once again trade in his arrow-through-the-head for a tuxedo as he returns to host the 75th Academy Awards in March, the show’s organizers announced on Thursday.
The March 23 presentation of the film industry’s highest honors will mark Martin’s 10th appearance on an Oscars telecast and his second as master of ceremonies.
“I’m very pleased to be hosting the Oscars again, because fear and nausea always make me lose weight,” the 57-year-old entertainer joked in a statement issued by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
Last year’s telecast was hosted by comic actress Whoopi Goldberg, who did an absolutely horrendous job. She was horrible in every sense of the word!
Martin first hosted the Oscars in 2001 with a performance that eschewed the “wild and crazy” persona that propelled him to fame in favor of a more understated, biting humor, with many of his jabs aimed at Hollywood stereotypes.
The silver-haired funny man and film star also has served as presenter on six Oscar shows, introduced a best-picture clip in 1997 and took part in a gag film sequence in 1995.
“The 75th anniversary show is a meaningful one for the academy, and it is wonderful to work with a host who’s done it before, Oscar producer Gill Cates said. “A host who’s witty, clever, sharp, intelligent, quick on his feet and always on top of the unfolding action.”
A spokeswoman for the academy declined to say whether perennial emcee favorite Billy Crystal, who has hosted the Oscars seven times, was asked back for the 75th show. He last hosted in March 2000.
Martin sprang to fame as the zany, banjo-playing stand-up comedian who coined such catch phrases as “Well, excuuuuse ME!” and “I am a wild and crazy guy!” He became a hit with several wildly popular appearances on TV’s “Saturday Night Live” before embarking on a successful film career as an actor, writer and producer.
He has appeared in more than two dozen moves, including “Pennies from Heaven,” “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid” and “Parenthood,” but has never been nominated for an Oscar.
Martin recently completed filming an upcoming Disney comedy, “Bringing Down the House,” with co-stars Queen Latifah and Eugene Levy. In January, he is due to being production on “Shopgirl,” adapted for the screen by Martin from his own best-selling novella. He will star in that film with Claire Danes and Jimmy Fallon.
The 2003 Oscars will be televised live on ABC from the Kodak Theater in Hollywood.