From the “Capitalizing on Tragedy” file

‘CSI: Miami’ Sniper Episode to Air
LOS ANGELES (AP) – A “CSI: Miami” episode about a sniper that CBS had considered postponing will air as planned Nov. 18, the network said Wednesday.
The decision to air the episode came after arrests were made Oct. 24 in the Washington area shooting attacks that left 10 people dead and three others wounded.
John Allen Muhammad, 41, and John Lee Malvo, 17, face federal and state charges in connection with the attacks that began Oct. 2.
The “CSI: Miami” story was conceived in August and the script was delivered weeks before the real-life shooting attacks began, CBS said last week.
The episode features a forensics team studying crime scenes from an attacker who kills people from atop a building. The Monday night drama is a spin-off of CBS’ “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”
Earlier this month, 20th Century Fox said it was delaying the release of the movie “Phone Booth,” a thriller about a man who answers a pay telephone and finds he’s the target of a faraway gunman he can’t see.