I can’t wait to watch this premiere!- That statement has been brought to you by the Ford Motor Company and Dr. Depper.

Ford Sponsors ’24’ Premiere Without Commercial Breaks
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Tonight’s premiere of Fox’s espionage drama “24” will run without any commercial breaks, but eagle-eyed viewers should take note of the Ford Expedition driven by its star, Kiefer Sutherland.
Ford Motor Co is underwriting the entire show, which will run without any commercial interruptions, in a flashback to the early days of television, when shows were often sponsored by a single company. Such deals may also represent the future of television advertising, as marketers look for new strategies to reach potential viewers.
Two Ford commercials that imitate “24’s” trademark ticking clock, each about three minutes long, will bookend the premiere, and Sutherland will speak directly to the audience before the show, thanking Ford for its sponsorship.
Fans of “24,” which last season told the tale of an attempted assassination attempt of a presidential candidate, will get a 54-minute premiere uninterrupted by ads. Subsequent episodes will have standard commercial breaks.
In future episodes, Sutherland’s character will drive other Ford vehicles, including Thunderbirds and Mustangs, said Rick Novak, head of car advertising for Ford.
“We want a lot of good hero shots for our vehicles,” he said. “It’s an additional way, an innovative way to break through the clutter.”
A Fox spokeswoman confirmed that Ford has purchased commercial time throughout the upcoming “24” season, and that the auto maker is one of the show’s largest advertisers.
With television audiences fragmented by digital cable and satellite systems that offer hundreds of channels, and the introduction of personal video recorders like TiVo that make it easy to skip ads, marketers are seeking out new advertising methods.
Ford, which previously underwrote a commercial-free airing of the movie “Schindler’s List” and sponsored Fox’s blockbuster “American Idol” program, will also have prominent product placements in ABC’s spy drama “Alias” and in the upcoming James Bond film “Die Another Day.”
Among other car makers, BMW recently launched the second installment of short online films that feature its automobiles. In a similar vein, Mercedes-Benz has run a mock preview in movie theaters starring Benicio Del Toro and its 500 SL convertible.